Millwork Terms

Running Match

Each panel face is assembled from as many veneer leaves as necessary. Any portion left over from the last leaf may be used as the start of the next panel.


All the parts that constitute a finished case or cabinet, including doors, drawers, and shelves.

Center Match

An even number of veneers of equal width matched (usually book, but also slip or reverse slip) in the face so that an equal number of veneers are on either side of the center point (i.e., a veneer joint) of the face.


A term referring to any layer of veneer in a piece of plywood. A 3-ply panel has three layers of veneer, 5-ply has five layers, etc.

Architectural Woodwork

Fine custom woodworking specified for special applications and functions by architects and other design professionals and created by woodworkers.


The size, alignment, and color of wood fibers in a piece of lumber. The fibers in wood and their direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality.

Plank Match

This specification indicates veneers are put together randomly for the face of a piece of plywood, with no matching grain character in the same face.

Plain Sawn

Method of cutting lumber across the half log. A tangential cut.

Standard Lacquer

In finishing, a nitrocellulose-based lacquer without additives.


Method of cutting lumber where the annual rings are relatively perpendicular to the face of the board. Quarter-sawn lumber tends to be more dimensionally stable than other forms of lumber, such as plain sawn.