Millwork Terms

Face Veneer

High-quality veneer that is used for exposed surfaces on plywood. The decorative veneer on the face of a panel (the exposed side), be it wall paneling, furniture, cabinet, etc.

Plain Sawn

Method of cutting lumber across the half log. A tangential cut.


General term used to designate lumber or veneer produced from deciduous trees in contrast to softwood, which is produced from evergreen or coniferous trees.

Crown Moldings

Moldings used to accent ceiling intersections and traditional pediments and casework tops.

Standard Lacquer

In finishing, a nitrocellulose-based lacquer without additives.


The process of refining or protecting a wooden surface, especially in the production of furniture, cabinets and other millwork. 

Plank Match

This specification indicates veneers are put together randomly for the face of a piece of plywood, with no matching grain character in the same face.


The size, alignment, and color of wood fibers in a piece of lumber. The fibers in wood and their direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality.

Edge Band

Lumber, veneer, or plastic laminate attached to the edge of a plywood or particleboard panel.

Backing Veneer

The layer of veneer used on the reverse side of a piece of plywood from the face or decorative side.