Our shop floor consists of a vast team of master craftsmen and woodworkers, each with their own specialties and strengths. When you bring them together, our millwork capabilities are practically limitless. We specialize in building what you cannot find in a store — custom fabricating every element of an architect’s design in our shop, and ensuring every aspect of that design is exact before it leaves our facilities.

Fine Architectural Woodwork

Our ability to custom-build millwork can make any architectural design a reality. We can form even the most complex designs, from curved, tacit components to sharp, dramatic edges. It takes a combination of skill, precision, enthusiasm, appropriate machinery and project management to produce a truly beautiful end product — and IWI’s team of woodworking artists is up to the challenge.

Custom Casework, Cabinetry and Furnishings

We custom produce all casework, cabinetry and other furnishings for each project according to the architect’s specifications. Our cabinetmakers use materials ranging from laminate and veneer to hardwoods. Special attention is always given to choices in edging, reveals and intricate hardware, lending the product to not only form, but function.

Custom Veneer, Board and Prefinished Paneling

Our in-house veneering capabilities truly set IWI apart. We can book match, end match, slip match or custom match veneer paneling in any available wood species and apply it to qualified substrates, including fire-rated cores. We specialize in both curved radius and straight paneling, ensuring the installed product is as unique as the architect’s design.

Countertops, Desks, Bars and Horizontal Surfaces

We always consider functionality and usability in our millwork fabrications, especially when the design is intended as a work or living space. Using veneers, hardwoods, marble, laminate, solid surface and stone, the surface always complements the design.

Bookcases and Utility and Closet Wood Shelving

From the most ornate mantels and bookcases to hidden and oft-unnoticed utility and closet shelving — every detail of a design gets special attention from our craftsmen.

Standing and Running Trim Moulding

Crown moulding, baseboards, and door and window casings are often the most ornate and intricate features of an architect’s design. Our shop can custom produce highly detailed decorative mouldings that showcase classic architectural patterns or contemporary design trends.

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