Our state-of-the-art facility features the right mix of modern, computerized equipment and conventional, time-tested machinery. There was a time that veneer and millwork were crafted entirely by hand using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Those timeless customs are alive and well on our shop floor — IWI’s team of experienced woodworkers takes great pride in its skills and craftsmanship. We combine traditional methods with the latest in modern technology to achieve the highest-quality product imaginable.

Our craftsmen use a variety of machinery and equipment to get the job done, including:

Veneer Press — 90″ x 144″

Manufactured in Germany, our 90″ x 144″ feed-through veneer press was designed specifically for the highly economical processing of veneers and plastic laminate.

CNC Router — 60″ x 144″

IWI craftsmen use our 60″ x 144″ CNC router for precision and accuracy, providing fast-paced production runs for program projects as well as complicated design requirements for “one of a kind” millwork

RF Gluer — 60″ x 144″

Our radio frequency gluer and splicer machine seamlessly combines veneer glue application and longitudinal splicing in one smooth, swift process.

Moulder — 5-head

Our 5-head moulder combines accurate dimensioning with precision cutting using custom-ground knives to match existing moulds or to craft original profiles.

Stroke Sander

We employ a large-capacity stroke sander that can handle heavy stock removal as well as fine detailing.

Profile Grinder

IWI custom-grinds its knives and tools for use in crafting precise original profiling and moulding.

Multi-head Veneer Panel Sander

The use of two sanders, one for veneer and one for hardwoods, provides near finish-quality sanding application prior to assembly.

Panel Saws 12′ and 14′ Beds

The use of this precision tooling provides efficient plant production scheduling and accuracy for assembly of specified casework.

Edge Banders (2)

Application of hardwood and laminate edges to doors, drawers and casework components with consistent glue applications and filing speeds up the process and efficiencies for this stage of our production.

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