Architects and designers spend a great deal of time thinking about colors, finishes and textures to create environments that fully encompass their desired aesthetic. Similarly, we devote a large portion of production time to the development of the finish so that architects and construction management know they can trust us with the final details.

IWI offers complete in-house precision finishing, including stain and paint matching and distressed glazing. Our finishing artists meticulously blend colors to create custom finishes that are beautiful, polished and accurate according to the architect’s vision.

The finishing stage is the final stop for all architectural millwork and veneers on our shop floor. The wood must first be prepared for this process through careful handling and proper sanding. Using the approved sample as a benchmark, the millwork is then stained or painted with a top coat applied for the specified sheen. Generally a pre-catalyzed lacquer or occasionally a polyurethane finish coat attains the function and appearance visualized by the client.

The primary concern of our finishing technicians is to make certain the final product meets the exact request in the architect’s original specifications. Thus, our finishing abilities are only limited by the architect’s imagination.

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